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OUR SERVICESSan Diego is one of the most wonderful places to call home in California.

When it comes to homes, there are simply just not enough to go around. As an established community, many homes are decades old, and in need of some serious care and attention.

Everyone has dreamed about what they would do to change their house into a home. Here at DryFix, we believe dreams do come true. With a full-home remodel, we can take your San Diego property and turn it into a place you’ll call home. Don’t move out, just remodel!

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OUR SERVICESWhat is full home remodel

You may have heard the terms “Full-home remodeling” or “whole house renovation” before. What do those words really mean? Simply put, they are projects that involve renovating more than just one room. Whole-home renovation tackles several, or all, of the spaces in your home that need to be changed.

This could mean a makeover for your dining room, kitchen, or bathroom. It could also mean updating the living room so that flows into a new outdoor living space, or removing the entire interior and starting from scratch.

The size and scope of your full-home remodelation is up to you. Whatever you decide, DryFix is ready to transform your house into the home of your dreams. Our talented team can handle any space with care and grace. We work quickly and efficiently to save time and money so you can start living in your San Diego dream home.

OUR SERVICESFull-Home Remodeling vs. Single Room Rennovation

Whether you want to update a single room or the entire house, we can help quickly and efficiently.
• While remodeling just one room at a time saves time and money up front, you will spend far more in the long term.

• Starting and stopping projects, hiring different teams, finding the same supplies months or years apart, and reapplying for permits all add up.

• A whole home remodel from Kaminskiy Design & Remodeling offers stunning improvements, is less time-consuming and yields better results than doing individual rooms over time with multiple teams or doing it yourself.
• Remodeling room-by-room can leave your home feeling disjointed. Walking out of a 21st-century kitchen and sitting down in a dining room straight out of the 80s is jarring, to say the least.

• Trying to replicate the design and material choices from one room in another years later can be very difficult, if not impossible, as trends change and products are retired.

• DryFix Services Inc - Residencial and Comercial Remodeling will design and build you a home where every place has a purpose and every aspect feels like part of a bigger picture and plan.
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