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No matter the size of your space, the possibilities are endless.In San Diego, our outdoor space is as much a part of our home as inside.

San Diego has amazing weather nearly every day of the year, so you want a yard or outdoor area where you can spend all those sunny days.

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Your outdoor space can be used for dining and recreational activities alongside your houseOutdoor Living Designs & Spaces in San Diego

Not only does it serve as a comfortable living space outside of your house, but it is also a great place to entertain friends and relatives.

Are you ready to experience that luxurious outdoor living of your California dreams? DryFix Services Inc – Residential and Commercial Remodeling designs the best functional outdoor living spaces. Whether you want an outdoor kitchen, a pool cabana, a patio, a deck, or a stone fireplace, your wish is our command.

While you’ll likely find casitas in higher value homes (a quick Zillow search reveals that homes with advertised casitas average will over 2 million dollars), anyone with the space and budget should consider adding one.  This is especially true in areas and price ranges where a guest house is expected.  Areas like Rancho Santa Fe, Del Mar, Carmel Valley, Del Sur, Poway, Fairbanks Ranch, Carmel Canyon, and La Jolla Farms all feature real estate that is in high demand.

Outdoor Additions & Renovation Ideas

Extends your living space; adding areas to dine, grill or simply enjoy the outdoors.
Adding or updating a deck to your home can be a significant aesthetic upgrade to your outdoor space – one that can add significant value to your home. In fact, a deck addition can add as much as 72 percent of the building costs to your homes value.
Outdoor kitchens have exploded in popularity over the last few years. Homeowners want more than grilling capability; they want to have the versatility to cook anything they can in a normal kitchen, just outside.
Having a pool in the San Diego climate automatically makes you a popular neighbor. Adding a pool cabana can provide a restroom and changing area for guests, eliminating the trail of wet footprints across your living room floor
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